Senior Manager - Engineering(Chongqing) - 工程高级经理(重庆)

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Our client, a famous HK developer is looking for a Sr. Manager of Engineering for their project in Chongqing.

Purpose of Job: Manage the Engineering function of the shopping mall and ensure the day-to-day operation running smoothly.

Major Responsibilities and Objectives

• Manage day-to-day operations of the centre.
• Ensure all facilities are in good working order

Major Tasks and Activities

• Oversee all aspects of engineering management in shopping centre
• Secure the daily safty operations in the shopping mall
• Handle contract service management and all staff-related issues such as recruitment, duty rosters deployment and training
• Prepare annual budget / 5 year plan for the department
• Liaise with customers, tenants and the local authorities on specific requirements

If you are interested in this role please send your CV to Fancy and quote job reference number: FF20220520-2